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North Texas History

“(1853 – 2018)
A number of years before “Rosamond” became a community, a young
man Christopher Riffe, Jr. (born March 27,1819) his wife Margaret and
two young girls, Sarah (13), Elizabeth (10), came to Texas. The family
settled at this location in 1853. The family traveled in a caravan of eight
wagons with the Coffeys, Portmans, and Vardaman families arriving in
Texas from the area of Casey County, Kentucky.
The area that is now called “The Rosamond Community” at that time
was in Fannin County. It was somewhat remote, yet near to a convenient
market for the sale of their produce. The earliest record of land transfer
in Texas to Christopher and Margaret Riffe was April 3, 1850.”

~Excerpt from the book, The Spark That Ignited The Town Of Anna ( READ MORE)

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