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The depot is open the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 10am-2pm. Come enjoy the displays and take a book home! If you're interested in history, consider joining our group. We meet the last Thursday of each month at 1:30pm at the beautiful First Christian Church.

Burton Gilliam!

It isn't every day you get to meet a movie star. I was volunteering at Anna's train depot (the oldest in all of Texas) Monday night and who should pop in for a visit but Burton Gilliam, who played Lyle in Blazing Saddles. Burt was also in Paper Moon and Back to the Future III.

I got to talk with him one on one and found out what a nice guy and interesting person he is. Burt is originally from Anna, and he now lives in Allen, Texas.

Burton has a deep voice with a smooth Texas accent and movie-star good looks, so it's no wonder he made it to Hollywood. Blazing Saddles was filmed 50 years ago, but I recognized Burt right away.

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